Wicked, Wicked

SCHEDULE UPDATE: Due to a print related issue, our previously announced screening of Darby’s Rangers has been replaced by Wicked, Wicked for Thursday, July 11th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Twice the tension! Twice the terror! See the hunter, see the hunted, both at the SAME TIME in anamorphic duo-vision, a spine-tingling split-screen gimmick that runs the entirety of Wicked, Wicked, an off-kilter ‘70s slasher flick that’s gotta be seen to be believed. A psychotic fiend holds the Grandview Hotel in an icy grip of fear, picking off blonde visitors one by one while the local detective plays a deadly game of hide and seek with the phantom killer.

Marc Edward Heuck discusses Wicked, Wicked on the New Beverly blog.

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