Video Archives: The Hospital / Ulzana’s Raid / Steel

On the new episode of the The Video Archives Podcast, Dr. Quentin and Dr. Roger report to Arthur Hiller’s The Hospital, where madness, murder and malpractice are running rampant! George C. Scott is the chief of medicine at a hospital in Manhattan, suicidal from his personal life collapsing and suspicious a murderer is on the loose in his facility. Quentin and Roger discuss writer Paddy Chayefsky’s masterful storytelling, Scott’s volcanic performance, and what the versatile Hiller brings to the screen.

Next up, we travel to the early American West in Ulzana’s Raid. Based on true events, fierce Apache war chief Ulzana and a contingent of warriors have jumped the reservation, and an inexperienced young lieutenant is sent to track him down with a top-notch scout and an Apache guide. We’ll discuss characters that confront hidden prejudices, surprising and brutal violence that mirrors the Vietnam War, and the working relationship between Robert Aldrich and Burt Lancaster. Finally, Quentin and Roger reach for an impossible dream and build a miracle in Steel! A building tycoon falls to his death, leaving his skyscraper unfinished. His daughter sets her sights on completing the building, assembling the Seven Samurai of the construction world to hang iron and get this job done. A remarkable movie about America coming together, the Video Archives crew discuss the unique way they watched Steel and the film’s fantastic cast.



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