Video Archives: Rodan / The Quiller Memorandum / Treachery & Greed On The Planet Of The Apes (with Jules McLean)

On the new episode of the The Video Archives Podcast, Jules “Unruly Julie” McLean (the New Beverly’s Director of Operations and a former Video Archives employee) joins Quentin & Roger in the store! First off the shelves, the crimson monster bird Rodan emerges from a volcanic crater to terrorize Tokyo. Quentin breaks down the career of director Ishirō Honda, then Roger and Julie discuss Rodan‘s amazing practical effects and surprising, tragic ending.

Next up, the gang goes undercover in The Quiller Memorandum. After two British SIS agents are murdered at the hands of the Phoenix, Agent Quiller is sent to Berlin to investigate. Quentin, Roger & Julie discuss George Segal’s performance as Quiller, the subtext from director Michael Anderson, and the chilling final beat. Finally… wait, there are five other Planet Of The Apes movies?! Your hosts explain the origins of Treachery & Greed On The Planet Of The Apes, learn why General Urko has become a regular character in Quentin’s home, and ultimately decide: ape good, human bad!



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