Video Archives: Day Of The Dalton Pt. 1: The Marshal Of Madrid / Manhunter

On May 19th, 2023, actor Rick Dalton passed away peacefully in his home in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is survived by his wife Francesca. Dalton was beloved by fans of Bounty Law, where he played bounty hunter Jake Cahill for five seasons, and also for his iconic role as a flamethrower-wielding vigilante in The Fireman series. But he was so much more than that, with a career that spanned over twenty years.

On the new episode of the The Video Archives Podcast, we invite you to remember Rick Dalton. In Part 1 of our memorial episode, we discuss his most famous roles, including standout TV performances in Cade’s County and Manhunter. We’ll also hear excerpts of a Q&A conducted by Quentin in 1999 between him and Rick. Stay tuned for more of our celebration of Dalton’s life and work, coming in two weeks.



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