The Video Archives Podcast: Coma / Mikey & Nicky / Piranha

On the new episode of the The Video Archives Podcast, take a trip to Boston Memorial Hospital for Michael Crichton’s Coma! People are falling into comas after routine procedures, and it’s up to one doctor to uncover the mystery. Roger & Quentin discuss the main character overcoming chauvinistic expectations, and go in-depth on Crichton’s talents as a writer and director.

Next, travel to the streets of Philly for Elaine May’s Mikey & Nicky. A small-time bookie has stolen mob money and is in hiding; the only person he can depend on is his childhood friend. A tale with a supreme split and reversal, Roger & Quentin unravel the mystery of why Elaine May chose to make this film. Lastly, we’ll travel down the river with Joe Dante’s Piranha, discussing how big studios diving into the exploitation market affected that genre, and the unique balance between comedy and humanity that Dante brings to a movie.



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