The Video Archives Podcast: Moonraker / Firefox / Delirium

On the new episode of their The Video Archives Podcast, filmmakers & longtime friends Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary revisit the VHS collection of their previous employer, Manhattan Beach’s Video Archives movie rental store, for a lively discussion on one of 007’s most infamous missions before diving into a high-flying Clint Eastwood espionage adventure and wrapping up with Peter Maris’s rare 1979 film Delirium.




Blast off to outer space with Roger and Quentin as they go toe to toe on Moonraker! Heavily influenced by the science fiction craze in the wake of Star Wars, Moonraker is one of the most polarizing Bond films of all time. Pick a side as Roger and Quentin debate Bond villains that hit too close to home, baddies that turn into goodies, and Roger Moore’s Bond.

Next, we’ll return to Earth with Clint Eastwood’s 1982 film Firefox. The Soviets have developed a new jet fighter called Firefox, and only one man is up for the job of stealing the plane before it’s used as a first strike weapon. Quentin and Roger think in Russian as they talk about fantastic use of exposition, the bankrupting of Russia, and how PTSD is used to shape character and story. And just as a treat, they’ll wrap up with a spoiler-free discussion of Peter Maris’s 1979 film Delirium. Trust us, you won’t want to look up this film before you watch it!

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