Video Archives: The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes / The Light At The Edge Of The World / Hostages

On the new episode of the The Video Archives Podcast, Jacqueline Coley (awards editor for Rotten Tomatoes) joins Roger & Quentin as they unlock the secrets of Billy Wilder’s The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes! Holmes & Watson take on the strange case of a beautiful woman whose husband has vanished, leading them on a journey of ballerinas, canaries, and even the Loch Ness Monster. Join the trio as they discuss Jacqueline’s love for Wilder, Watson’s role in the film, and what this movie meant for Wilder’s career and the wider scope of cinema.

Next, we travel to The Light At The Edge Of The World. Violent pirates execute a plan to force ships to run aground, pillaging their wrecks; a lone member of the lighthouse crew survives to fight their devious plot. Quentin, Roger & Jacqueline discuss despicable but captivating villains, Jules Verne’s original story, and lines you just shouldn’t cross. Lastly, a band of thugs who’ve robbed a casino hide in a villa owned by a wealthy industrialist and his family in René Cardona Jr.’s Hostages. The Video Archives crew talk about bang for your buck, a war against the upper class, and the original trailers on the Paragon tape.



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