The Hateful Thing

Comparing two snowbound epics.

A new video essay by Kino pairs John Carpenter’s shape-shifting nightmare The Thing (1982) with Quentin Tarantino’s western mystery The Hateful Eight (2015), placing the two snowbound epics next to each other to compare shared narrative aspects and visual style.

In an article for Film School Rejects, H. Perry Horton writes “Tarantino carried Carpenter’s inspiration past the script stage and into production, mirroring many of his shots with those by Carpenter and cinematographer Dean Cundey, especially in regards to casting the landscape as a character through various wide shots, slow, ominous pans, low, hazy, ice-blue-tinted lighting schemes, and shot-countershots with characters grimacing against the cold wind and snow like they were staring down an enemy.”

Watch the video below:

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