Starship Troopers

Without a doubt, Paul Verhoeven’s gleefully subversive adaptation of Starship Troopers is one of Hollywood’s great satirical spectacles. Verhoeven himself admitted to never finishing Robert Heinlein’s arch-conservative sci-fi source material, instead crafting a scathing vision of the novel which took Heinlein’s militarism to task just as triumphantly as Johnny Rico and his class of soldiers take on the space bug menace. Set against mushrooming planetary (see: nationalist) fervor in the face of interstellar war, the utterly thrilling, splat-tastically violent, coming-of-age saga grew out of Verhoeven’s original impetus to tell a story of young Nazis earnestly caught up in the movement on the eve of WWII. Featuring memorable supporting appearances by Michael Ironside, Neal Patrick Harris, and Clancy Brown.

“A spectacularly gung-ho sci-fi epic that delivers two hours of good, nasty fun. The scope and abundance of the special effects – from the countless and incredibly vivid marauding bugs to the plethora of agile aircraft of the Earth’s space fleet – may well surpass anything seen before” – Todd McCarthy, Variety

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