Spider-Man (1977)

Look up high! For the first time on screen see the world’s favorite web-slinging crusader come alive! The pilot to the live action US 1977 show was a global phenomenon with huge tv ratings domestically, massive theatrical box office internationally and a long lasting effect on the public perception of superhero cinema. Nicholas Hammond is SPIDER-MAN, a death-defying do-gooder who dares to do the impossible, using his amazing spider senses to battle a madman who’s turning the streets into a siege of terror. While the enigmatic villain mysteriously hypnotizes the public, Spider-Man climbs skyscrapers, swings from rooftops and crawls across ceilings to stop his dastardly plans. Featuring real stunts (no CGI here!), tons of fun and an awesome disco-fueled soundtrack, you won’t want to miss this incredibly rare opportunity to see a nearly-lost version of the crime fighter on the big screen!

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