Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez are back! But this time they’re back to back in one smash explosive show packed-to-the-gills with drive-in insanity as the two filmmakers present an elevated homage to their love of exploitation cinema! See two great movies for one low price: the last hope for humanity rests on a high-power machine gun in the Planet Terror, Rodriguez’s retro-futuristic gross out. Then Tarantino’s white-hot juggernaut Death Proof charges in at 200 miles per hour as the scarred, psychotic Stuntman Mike is on the road, stalking women with his “deathproof” wheels of terror.

“The 1970s exploitation movie gropes, bites, kicks, slugs, blasts, smashes and cusses its way back to life in Grindhouse, a ‘Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature’ that lovingly resurrects a disreputable but cultishly embraced form.” – Todd McCarthy, Variety

Grindhouse contains thrills to keep viewers in their seats, plus moments to think about on the ride home, which will probably seem unusually fraught with peril.” – Keith Phipps, AV Club

“You don’t need to be an exploitation fanboy to appreciate the energy, imagination, and spirit with which Rodriguez and Tarantino pay homage to the cheapo cinema they love.” – Dana Stevens, Slate

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