Grindhouse Film Festival

Keeping the spirit of 42nd Street alive

The Deuce may be dead but the Grindhouse Film Festival kept the spirit of 42nd Street alive into the 21st Century! Starting in 2003, Hollywood Book and Poster Co. founder Eric Caidin, first with Johnny Legend and then with Brian Quinn, partnered with the New Beverly Cinema to bring rare 35mm prints of cult and exploitation films back to the big screen, many of which have not been publicly shown since the drive-ins and inner city grindhouse theaters faded away years before. Attendees were presented with two rare films, a reel of rare exploitation trailers, a free raffle, and very often appearances by the directors, cast, and crew of the films being shown.

Presented here is a large, though incomplete, collection of flyers used to promote these incredible, now legendary events. Many thanks to Erek Michael of the Museum of Death for allowing us to scan his collection.








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