Don “The Dragon” Wilson

The martial arts icon joins us for a rare double feature of two of his greatest films!

Don “The Dragon” Wilson is an 11 time World Kickboxing Champion, official Karate Hall of Fame inductee and an international martial arts movie star. But now the galaxy’s greatest fighter has finally met his ultimate match: New Beverly special guest! Yes, the action star who ruled home video throughout the ’90s is joining us IN PERSON* August 2 for a one-night-only big screen celebration of the first two movies in the NINE film (and counting) Roger Corman-produced franchise that rocketed him to superstardom: Bloodfist & Bloodfist II.

Wilson’s skills are put to the test in a no-holds-barred, hand-to-hand, full contact karate showdown in Bloodfist. When his brother is savagely murdered, The Dragon must travel to the Philippines to unravel the mystery and find the killer while dodging danger and battling bare-fisted in and out of the ring. In the even more action-packed followup, Bloodfist II, The Dragon is summoned back to the Philippines by his best friend, betrayed and taken to an island fortress to fight in a brutal battle to the death.

For anyone like me who grew up obsessively renting every new skull-crusher at the corner store and scouring late night cable for fist-pumping funbombs, Don “The Dragon” Wilson certainly needs no introduction. For those yet to be put under his spell, there’s absolutely no better place to start than with this double bill of the two action ragers that showed he was the real deal in an industry often filled with imitators. I’ll leave it to the experts who said it best:

“Don Wilson is by far the most exciting fighter on the scene today.” – Inside Kung Fu Magazine

“Don Wilson would kick Van Damme’s ass in one round!” – Howard Hanson, President, World Kickboxing Association

Author and film fanatic David J. Moore sent over his collection of incredibly rare Turkish lobby cards for Bloodfist so we could share them with fellow fans. David’s newest book, The Good, the Tough & the Deadly, is an epic must-read and the absolute last word on action star cinema. It’s 5lbs & 500+ pages of rough ‘n tumble insanity including massive, career-spanning interviews and more than a thousand in-depth reviews. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

*As always, all special guest appearances are “schedule permitting.”

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