The Horror of The Hateful Eight

Birth.Movies.Death explores The Hateful Eight as horror film

Our friends at the Alamo Drafthouse’s off-shoot entertainment site Birth.Movies.Death just posted a new article saying “Quentin Tarantino’s most vicious and morally searching film does double duty as a crackerjack horror movie.”

Justin Harrison writes:

The Hateful Eight is many things. It’s an astoundingly bleak comedy. It’s a bonafide Grand Guignol movie. It’s a howl of rage at America’s long-lived and desperately denied systemic racism. It’s an homage to and riff on some of Tarantino’s favorite movies. And, in the way it uses space and pushes its tensions ever higher, it’s a darn fine movie. The space and feel of Minnie’s Haberdashery is critical to The Hateful Eight’s success as both a movie and a horror movie.”

Read the full article HERE and be sure to scroll down to check out the comments at the bottom. Birth.Movies.Death is one of the few places left on the web where it’s still safe to read user input.


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