Fonda & Tarantino?

Two-time Oscar winner and Hollywood legend Jane Fonda says she’d work with Quentin Tarantino “in a blue minute.” Paired on stage at the Cannes Film Festival this week with actor and longtime Tarantino collaborator Michael Madsen while taping a chat for cosmetics brand L’Oreal, Fonda was asked if she’d like to work with a director like the Pulp Fiction filmmaker. Responding “Yeah, in a blue minute I’d work with Quentin. Not a director like Quentin – I’d like to work with Quentin.” Fonda quickly lobbied Reservoir DogsKill Bill & The Hateful Eight star Madsen for help getting the gig, asking “Can you put in a good word for me?” Madsen’s clever response: “As long as we’re in it together.”


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