Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

While the Enterprise crew comes under Federation tribunal for their actions in The Search for Spock, an enormous deep space probe arrives to threaten Earth with catastrophic climate change, and Kirk and co. are the only ones who can save the day in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. They have to take a time warp back to the 20th century and bring back extinct humpback whales (in whose language the probe communicates). Their greatest challenge might not be the mission but navigating 1986 San Francisco with its’ paper money, punk scene, and Cold War atavism. A breezier, more irreverent Star Trek film, it combines urgent environmental commentary with self-aware humor (“nuclear wessels”) to spin an Enterprise adventure unlike any other.

“When they finished writing the script for Star Trek IV, they must have had a lot of silly grins on their faces. This is easily the most absurd of the Star Trek stories – and yet, oddly enough, it is also the best, the funniest and the most enjoyable in simple human terms. I’m relieved that nothing like restraint or common sense stood in their way.” – Roger Ebert

“Mr. Nimoy directed this Star Trek installment, and indeed he should probably direct all of them.” – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

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