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    Eons ago, I went to the Beverly for a Xanadu/The Apple double bill and it was indeed a billing only for the brave and the obsessed. Even though I am a major Xanadu fan, I was side swiped by the Euro-Trash swagger of The Apple. I’ve written about this event elsewhere (a zine included), so I’ll leave you alone with the details.

    Anyways, since then I’ve been checking on each of the monthly schedules to see if Xanadu will show up again. Thus this posting and pointless request for more Xanadu!

    Just checking and thanks,

    P. S.: Oh, just in case you’re brave and curious how major Xanadu fan I am, just google ‘Xanadu Preservation Society’ and feel your ears ring! You have been warned……


    Welcome to the forum, Don-O! I was at that double of Xanadu / The Apple – it was a blast!


    It certainly was. I was there twice, the first and the third night. The Apple was more popular than Xanadu in terms of MST3K-like reactions (I wonder if the theater had a STFU! policy at the time) as The Apple was more insane than the other. Xanadu was quietly bad, but The Apple…you get the idea.

    I had to cut my time short on night #3 as I had to get on an early bus home (it was on a Sunday night), there was a guy getting too much on some people’s nerves over Xanadu, especially this ones who showed up wearing their home-made Xanadu shirts (and it only got worse when he recognized me from my Xanadu site) and I ate too much popcorn and cherry coke (those cheap prices almost killed me!)

    Still, should Xanadu ever show up again on the Beverly screen, I do plan to make that trip. It’s a weird but oddly wonderful time trip to see films like Xanadu, Blues Brothers and some of the 1978-80 films I use to see in a small movie theater. Some theaters are just too clean and big for their own damned good.



    I love Xanadu, even caught the musical when it was local a few years back. I’d love to see it paired with Roller boogie, skatetown USA, the Apple. I love the Apple too, regret I missed the screening at the cinefamily a few months back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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