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    I am as excited for That Darn Cat as I am for any insane genre classic the New Bev shows. I loved this as a kid and was always struck with, and now as an adult even more so, of how insanely disturbing it is. The kidnappers in this, even though it’s a Disney film, are kind of terrifying. There’s no subtlety that they are killers and plan on murdering this poor bank teller. This part is played pretty seriously. As a kid I found this odd juxtaposition of goofy Haley Mills Disney aesthetic cuteness and this dark underbelly a fascinating mix.

    The action takes place in what is painted as quaint lovely middle class Beverly Hills… I can’t imagine what her unseen parents did for a living but it’s played up like they are middle class family. Maybe Beverly Hills was different back then. Her sister works as a secretary somewhere. Her parents are actually away for the summer so maybe it’s more upper middle class. Her male best buddy is a surfer. It made me want to grow up here. It’s probably one of the reasons I moved to LA so many years ago.

    And there’s a cat!

    It has mystery, feline fun, classic Disney stars Mills, Roddy McDowell, Dean Jones and a cranky Fred Mertz with Elsa Lanchester as a nosy neighbor. It’s very well made (Directed by Robert Stevenson from Mary Poppins) and it’s one of the best live action Disney films of that era. Very Excited. You should all go and bring your cats 🙂 OK don’t bring your cats they might get upset.


    I love this one, too! I’m also a big fan of the Cristina Ricci remake.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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