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    Breaking In (Bill Forsyth, 1989) has perhaps my single favorite performance of his. Such an amazing, extraordinarily well-observed film with a beautiful John Sayles script


    For nuanced Reynolds, I highly recommend Starting Over (1979). It’s a funny, honest & moving take on the “romantic comedy” and more people should give it a shot.


    Love the SHARKY’S MACHINE ad. I grew up going to the theaters in Yonkers and Hartsdale that are listed–Yonkers Movieland is now the Alamo Drafthouse.







    I’d love to see HUSTLE in the theater. It’s probably the most poorly received masterpiece of all time. I avoided it like the plague for years, having read a lot of “one star” reviews from major critics, but when I finally gave it a shot I realized two things: 1. It’s a great film, one of the most unique and affecting neo-noir efforts of the ’70s. 2. Professional film critics can suck-start my colon. Reynolds is remarkable in it, as are Paul Winfield, Eddie Albert (“She could get milk out of a crow bar!”) and Ben… effing… Johnson.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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