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    Please and thank you.

    It’s a masterpiece. See below.


    Seconded! Double bill with either BROWN BUNNY or recent Israeli film NOT IN TEL AVIV which is very much inspired by this movie.


    Thirded! (Is that a word?)


    I love this movie! The last time I think it played at the New Bev it was paired with Bob Fosse’s stunning STAR 80.


    I actually just searched for “66” in my iCal and found that! Good memory, Phil!


    Fourthed! Fourth-ed? Fourthed-ed?








    It’s happening!!!!!

    Now to get it to screen in a prime time slot…..along with The Brown Bunny 😉


    I’ve wanted to screen The Brown Bunny for years but Gallo controls the rights himself and he won’t currently let it out. 😞


    For anyone interested, Buffalo ’66 will be playing Cinespia at the end of this month with specials guests in attendance! Including Gallo in person, Mickey Rourke, and Rosanna Arquette among many others!


    Yes Please!!!!!!! One of the greatest films ever made.


    Welcome to the forum, sadcorps!

    We screened Buffalo ’66 a few months ago at the Bev and the print looked great!


    I regret I missed the screening of “the funeral” a year or so ago at the new Beverly.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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