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April 2017

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All Shows Presented in Glorious 35mm (unless noted in 16mm)

Summer of ’42 (Special Guests!)

JUST ADDED: Summer of ’42 / Class of ’44 co-star Jerry Houser will join us IN PERSON, schedule...

Class of ’44 (IB Tech Print!)

They’ve come a long way since the Summer of ’42! The “terrible trio” of Gary Grimes (Hermie), Jerry...

Summer of ’42 (IB Tech Print!)

A sentimental, soft-focus coming-of-age tale, Summer of ‘42 captures the magic and nostalgia of youth as...

Class of ’44 (IB Tech Print!)

They’ve come a long way since the Summer of ’42! The “terrible trio” of Gary Grimes (Hermie), Jerry...

Best Indie Movie Theater (2015)
L.A. Weekly
One of the Best Independent Movie Theaters in L.A.
CBS Los Angeles
A beloved venue for classic films.
Cinema Treasures

Kiddee Matinees

Tickets: $6 Free bag of popcorn for patrons ages 12 and under


Armed with science’s newest wonder weapon, a gun that cannot kill, a zoologist (Robert Culp) hires a big...

The Land That Time Forgot

Voyage to The Land That Time Forgot, a primeval world of primitive man and prehistoric beast, in this...

Midnight Shows

Tickets: $8 No discounts or passes

The Hateful Eight (Multiplex Version)

During a deadly snowstorm, a bounty hunter (Kurt Russell) rushes to bring his fugitive (Jennifer Jason Leigh)...

The Wicker Man (2006)

Neil LaBute’s ill-fated remake of The Wicker Man is a hoot-and-a-half, a modern camp classic that might be...

New Beverly Cinema

About New Beverly Cinema

The New Beverly Cinema is a historic movie theater located in Los Angeles, California. Housed in a building which dates to the 1920s, it is one of the oldest revival houses in the region.

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Glossary of Terms

A handy guide to key cinema terms.

35mm & 16mm

The most common sizes of film stock used to shoot, print, and present movies. 35mm is preferred for commercial film and TV shoots, with multiple stocks for select shooting conditions. 16mm is more often used for lower-budget projects, commercial and industrial shoots, and previously as a “home movie” format.

4-Track Mag

A now-dormant process which allowed for multi-channel sound reproduction in theatres using magnetic striping attached to the film print. Often vulnerable to erasure and damage due to demagnetizing and detachment through aging, requiring strict storage and handling conditions. Supplanted by Dolby Stereo, an optical process requiring less delicacy and upkeep.

Aspect Ratio

This indicates the dimension of the projected image, usually measured by comparing the width to the height. For example, 1.85:1, commonly called “flat”, means the picture is 1.85 times as wide to every increment of 1 it is high, and 2.35:1, or “scope”, means the picture will be even wider.