Jackie Brown

Gorgeous 35mm print from Quentin Tarantino's personal archive!

Jackie Brown

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A stewardess, a gun runner, a bail bondsman, a federal agent, an ex-con and a stoned-out beach bunny are all on the trail of half-million dollars in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown, a mesmerizing, all-star adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel Rum Punch. But who’s getting played and who’s gonna make the big score?

“This is the movie that proves Tarantino is the real thing, and not just a two-film wonder boy. It’s not a retread of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, but a new film in a new style, and it evokes the particular magic of Elmore Leonard – who elevates the crime novel to a form of sociological comedy. 4 Stars.” – Roger Ebert

Kim Morgan discusses Jackie Brown on the New Beverly blog.

Quentin Tarantino
Pam Grier, Robert Forster, Samuel L. Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton, Robert De Niro, Michael Bowen, Chris Tucker
Running Time
154 minutes

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