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Buffalo ’66 (Sold Out)

Buffalo ’66 (Sold Out)

This show is now SOLD OUT. Unlike other New Beverly events, please note that we are not holding aside tickets to sell at the door for this screening. However, we will have a standby line for any seats that may become available at showtime.

Vincent Gallo’s feature filmmaking debut is a powerhouse: electric writing & direction, pitch-perfect casting & performances, a killer soundtrack and all-time cinematography by indie hero Lance Acord. A semi-autobiographical tragicomedy, Gallo plays fresh-out-of-prison Billy Brown; alone, desperate and in dire need of a restroom. When he kidnaps doe-eyed ballerina Layla, he may have finally found the perfect date to bring home to mom and pop. If only he can get that shifter car to work first. But what makes this festival sensation so memorable are the mesmerizing flourishes (a Ben Gazzara pantomime and a Christina Ricci tap dance stand out) and a stellar supporting cast that includes Anjelica Huston and Kevin Corrigan as well as Jan-Michael Vincent and Mickey Rourke. Buffalo ’66 is a modern classic that spans time to remain moving, beautiful and the epitome of absolute cool.

“Gallo’s battle cry makes for a fiercely humorous slice of unreality that soars even when it’s crawling in the gutter and puking on itself.” – Marc Savlov, The Austin Chronicle

“[Vincent Gallo’s] career is proof that it is possible to work steadily and well in challenging and original films by gifted directors and remain almost completely unknown. Now, directing his own film at last, he seems filled with ideas that he wants to realize – sequences that spring to life” – Roger Ebert

Buffalo ’66 is Gallo’s first outing as a filmmaker – and as a writer, composer and star of some distinction. For a study in untrammeled lunacy, the movie is a highly constructed and tightly controlled work.” – Ella Taylor, LA Weekly

“Gallo’s directorial debut is one of a kind, an eccentric, provocative comedy which laces a poignant love story with both a sombre, washed-out naturalism and surreal musical vignettes.” – Tom Charity, Time Out

Vincent Gallo
Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Ben Gazzara, Mickey Rourke, Rosanna Arquette, Jan-Michael Vinent, Anjelica Huston
Running Time
110 minutes

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