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Escape from L.A.

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Escape from L.A.

Snake is back! Director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell reunite for an explosive sequel to their cult hit Escape from New York, swapping coasts for an outrageously entertaining, over-the-top update. Following a massive earthquake, a crime-ridden Los Angeles is now a violent penal colony island of the damned. But when the president’s daughter absconds with a doomsday device to aid her rebel leader lover in the City of Angels, Snake Plissken (Russell) is once again sent on an impossible mission: retrieve the woman and the weapon or die trying. An incredible cast of fan-favorites fill the eclectic ensemble, including Steve Buscemi, Stacy Keach, Bruce Campbell, Cliff Robertson, Pam Grier, and Peter Fonda.

“John Carpenter’s Escape From L.A. is a go-for-broke action extravaganza that satirizes the genre at the same time it’s exploiting it.” – Roger Ebert

“At the top of his game, Carpenter and his cohorts boldly tap into the twin strains of paranoia gripping the present-day American society,” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

“The movie is so cleverly entrenched in its sardonic style that Russell’s toughest act must have been keeping a straight face. Escape From L.A. is surprisingly effective in picturing a former nirvana clenched in the twisted rubble of its own excess.” – Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

John Carpenter
John Carpenter & Debra Hill & Kurt Russell
Kurt Russell, Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi, Peter Fonda, George Corraface, Cliff Robertson, Valeria Golino, Pam Grier, Bruce Campbell
Running Time
101 minutes

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