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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

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Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

It’s hell on Earth when Pinhead and his Cenobite pals unleash a torrent of torment on mankind. The spiked demon of damnation is trapped in the Pillar of Souls, and only the life force of unlucky humans can resurrect him. But when the cursed statue falls into the hands of a sleazy nightclub owner, it ignites a dangerous desire for unnatural delights that could destroy humanity. Now, only an investigative reporter and her spiritual connection to Pinhead’s past can defeat the torturous hellspawn for good.

“Well-produced effort is an effective combination of imaginative special effects with the strangeness of author Clive Barker’s original conception, on which the characters are based.” – Variety

“Genre fans will appreciate the blood flow and the gore, and director Anthony Hickox keeps things moving so that there’s never a dull moment – or dull blade. Consider Hell raised.” – Richard Harrington, Washington Post

Anthony Hickox
Terry Farrell, Paula Marshall, Kevin Bernhardt, Peter Boynton, Doug Bradley
Running Time
93 minutes

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