It Follows (New 35mm Print!)

Brand New, One-Of-A-Kind 35mm Print!

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It Follows (New 35mm Print!)

David Robert Mitchell’s chilling modern horror masterpiece screens for the first time anywhere in glorious 35mm!

After having sex with her new boyfriend, a terrified teen soon learns she’s the newest recipient of a lethal curse that’s passed along through sexual intercourse. Now an unstoppable, inescapable entity is on a bloodthirsty hunt, following her until she’s dead or pays it forward. It doesn’t think. It doesn’t feel. It doesn’t give up in this relentless, must-see fright fest.

It Follows represents a compelling evolution in how studios and audiences can (and should) conceive of its monsters.” – Lenika Cruz, The Atlantic

“It’s an undeniable triumph of mood – perfect for anyone who wants to practice clenching their fists for nearly 100 straight minutes – as well as an ambitious effort at reinventing horror by eschewing the genre’s common tricks.” – Inkoo Kang, TheWrap

It Follows pretty much earns its buzz as the scariest and best-engineered American horror movie of recent years, and that’s all down to Mitchell’s sophisticated understanding of technique and the trust and freedom he accords his youthful cast.” – Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

David Robert Mitchell
Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi, Lili Sepe
Running Time
100 minutes

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