Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask

Based rather loosely on the book of the same title, Everything is a series of seven vignettes, with a strong cast that includes acting icon Gene Wilder as a man with amorous feelings for a sheep. Everything sends up such sexual scenarios as Woody Allen’s horny Court Jester giving an aphrodisiac to the Queen – only to discover that she is wearing a chastity belt, to a woman who can only achieve orgasm in public (with a nod to Italian cinema), the game show – “What’s My Perversion?” and sexual research spiraled out of control when a mad scientist releases a blob like, giant runaway boob. Tony Randall is excellent, as he attempts to orchestrate a NASA like team within the body, trying to achieve an erection for the “launching” of sperm who are on standby (some more nervously than others) and Burt Reynolds is hilarious as the likelihood of coitus ebbs and flows. Everything was the first self-help book on sex that was adapted for a comedy.

“Still pretty hilarious.” – Wook Kim, TIME

“Allen crams in many funny, crass lines and there’s one genuinely classic performance from Wilder, who is magnificent, absurd and bizarrely touching as the uppercrust shrink smitten with a sheep.” – Simon Braund, Empire Magazine

“Brilliantly accurate and very funny. Best of all is the sci-fi parody entitled ‘What Happens During Ejaculation?’, which has the miniaturised scientists of Fantastic Voyage inside a life-sized male robot, busily checking data and providing the necessary bodily reactions by hand-turned winch as the robot wines, dines and seduces a real-life woman. Allen achieves his finest hour here, dressed as one of the sperm, poised anxiously with parachute by the escape hatch and crying ‘Gung ho!’ as he jumps, ‘We’re gonna make babies!'” – Time Out

Woody Allen
Woody Allen, John Carradine, Lou Jacobi, Louise Lasser, Anthony Quayle, Tony Randall, Lynn Redgrave, Burt Reynolds, Gene Wilder
Running Time
88 minutes

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