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The Children’s Hour

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The Children’s Hour

In director William Wyler’s big screen adaptation of Lillian Hellman’s controversial play, Shirley MacLaine and Audrey Hepburn star as headmistresses at a private school for girls, whose lives are destroyed by a malicious lie and its crushing aftermath. Accused of an “unnatural relationship,” Hepburn must face repercussions with her fiancé (James Garner), while MacLaine will have to look deeper within. A pioneering lesbian drama, The Children’s Hour was nominated for five Academy Awards and three Golden Globes.

“One of the most finely wrought dramas in the history of the screen” – Motion Picture Herald

“The supporting performances are stunning, especially Miriam Hopkins as MacLaine’s voracious aunt, and it’s lovely (and, even in 2015, unusual) to see a movie so dominated by women, with Garner the only guy who gets more than a line or two.” – Time Out

“Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine, in the leading roles, beautifully complement each other. Hepburn’s soft sensitivity, marvelous projection and emotional understatement result in a memorable portrayal. MacLaine’s enactment is almost equally rich in depth and substance. James Garner is effective as Hepburn’s betrothed, and Fay Bainter comes through with an outstanding portrayal of the impressionable grandmother who falls under the evil influence of the wicked child.” – Variety

William Wyler
Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, Miriam Hopkins, Fay Bainter, Veronica Cartwright
Running Time
108 minutes

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