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  • Seconded!

    My birthday falls on Sunday, October 13th in 2019 in case you want to start planning:
    Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)/She’s All That (1999) for Oct 13/14,
    Scooby-Doo (2002) as the weekend matinee,
    and Scream (1996) as the Saturday midnight.

    Soul Plane (2004) and Barbershop (2002) #42435


    Concessions #42434

    When you screen Hackers (1995) in 2019, please add Jolt Cola to the concession stand.

    Also He-Man/She-Ra: Secret of the Sword (1985) please.

    Animation Is Film Festival #40031

    Yet ironically, Animation is Film is digital.

    Some special guests have been announced (for 3 of the screenings I’m most excited about):

    To Be or Not to Be / One Hour with You
    IN PERSON: Intro by Joan Benny and Nicola Lubitsch.

    All That Jazz
    IN PERSON: Alan Heim, editor; Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times.

    Star 80 / Lenny
    IN PERSON: Q&A with actor Eric Roberts (schedule permitting).

    Rep Houses in London? #34403

    Thanks Phil!
    These look very interesting.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #34377

    I’ve also noticed latecomers tend to be the biggest offenders, maybe because they miss the opening announcements about cell phone use (although you’d think all theater-goers would be well aware of them at this point).

    The answer is to not allow late entry, like the Alamo Drafthouse’s policy. Once the intro starts, if no one is allowed to enter the theatre, this would be MUCH less of a problem.

    I was at the Egyptian the other night and 30+ minutes into Texas Chainsaw Massacre, two people join my row, talk, and use their phones. I have to call them out on it twice. If they were not allowed to enter the theatre so late, I would have had a perfect screening experience.

    As someone who would often alert the staff about phone use or talking, the person has to talk twice before I, a fellow patron, feel comfortable telling on them. Then when the staff member talks to them, it’s after at least 3 times that they used their phone/talked. Then when the employee talks to them a second time, it would because the patron had talked/used their phone at least 4 times before they get kicked out.

    What would help is if they got kicked out at the “1st warning”.
    Since everyone was told not to talk or use their phones in the intro, the first time an employee talks to the bad patron, it should be considered the “2nd warning” and they kicked out on the spot. I think that getting called out once leading to expulsion would actually make people not want to break the rules.

    The Other Side of The Wind #31350

    The Other Side of the Wind would be a great movie to reopen the theatre with. Can’t imagine Netflix wouldn’t strike a print for QT.

    Pepe's Pizza #30884

    It would be pretty neat-o if a frame or two from that ad ended up on the bev’s social media… HINT

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)