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  • Top New Bev Screenings of 2017 #23780

    Trackdown changed my life

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #23564

    Yo Phil,

    Cold Brew Coffee on Tap would be sick.

    Also, me and my buddy have noticed that if you’re sitting in the back row with Freddy…that you can hear the concession microwave (or maybe it’s the AC) come on. Would be awesome to soundproof if possible.

    Thanks for getting all the standby people in on new years btw, awesome night.

    Kinski Paganini #21519

    I missed the Sci fi double, was bummed… had tickets to beyond fest killing of a sacred deer!

    And thanks for looking into Paganini… would be a wild print to show!

    Herzog / Kinski Retrospective #20099

    Yo Phil, please do a aguirre fitzcarraldo double again….and maybe a woyzchek and cobra verde.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)