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  • Awesome news! Thanks for the heads up.

    SLC Punk!

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #41715

    Absolutely! My friend and I were really struck by little things like the subtly improved sightlines from the seats. I also love how dead quiet the room has become, in terms of acoustics. It’s something I never really noticed until they improved it.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #41700

    I’m sitting in the theater as we speak. There have been *a lot* of upgrades, including new acoustic baffles/curtains all around the theater (with a red and blue color scheme), larger screen, improved sound system, new seats (or at least cushions…not sure) that have been staggered and spaced out more, a new p.a. system, a new paint job (grey), metal support columns replacing the old wood ones, a new ceiling and lighting and no carpet in the lobby. The restrooms have also been refurbished with new tile, paint, lighting, fixtures and a speaker system so you can hear the film if you have to exit the theater.

    I’m sure I’m missing things, but that covers most of the major stuff.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #36049

    Yikes, another five months without the New Bev. I’m glad we finally have an actual estimate, although I was really hoping it would be open for October. I’ll take what I can get, though!

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #34430

    Yeah, I think you’re right.

    I was at the Aero a few weeks ago for the Psycho marathon and a couple walked in about a half hour into the first film, sat close to the front on the far right side and proceeded to use their cell phones off and on throughout the whole movie. The guy was particularly obnoxious, making broad, sweeping gestures with his arm every time he turned his screen on…like he was doing it on purpose. The first time they did it, the guy next to me loudly said, “REALLY?” We kind of looked at each other and I shook my head, but I think we both knew the staff wouldn’t do anything about it. They left after Psycho…then came back partway through Psycho II with what looked like a pizza. Then they left after that and came back for Psycho III, seemingly drunk. I have to wonder what motivated them to come to the theater in the first place.

    I was at the Star Trek II & IV double at the New Bev last year when a big group of kids stumbled in about halfway through and sat all around me. You could hear a pin drop during Spock’s funeral scene until a few of these kids started snickering. Really? Again, why come?

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #33935

    I’m someone who turns their phone off completely before the trailers even start and I don’t understand why that’s such a difficult concept to grasp for anyone who goes to a theater. The New Bev already enforces the “no cell phone” rule pretty well — better than most other theaters — but it’s certainly not foolproof. I’ve been there a number of times when one of the staff has to march down the aisle to tell someone to shut off their phone, usually near the beginning of the film, but I’ve noticed that enforcement becomes a little more lax once the movie gets going and offenders are usually tough to catch in the act anyway. I’ve also noticed latecomers tend to be the biggest offenders, maybe because they miss the opening announcements about cell phone use (although you’d think all theater-goers would be well aware of them at this point). All this puts the impetus on the audience members to have to report everything…which means they have to leave the theater and miss part of the film to deal with it. It seemed like the security guard they hired last year was doing more regular cell phone sweeps, so I guess that’s a start.

    Honestly, the talking at the New Bev was becoming a far bigger problem than any cell phone use. There was a girl at one of the Grindhouse screenings last year who was one of the most obnoxious patrons I’ve ever seen. The staff was notified, and when one of the staff members discreetly sat in front of her and quietly asked her to stop, she had a fit and started loudly cursing him out. She was, of course, ejected from the theater. I was at another screening when a fight almost broke out behind me because one guy wouldn’t shut up and was confronted by another audience member. I’d never seen this kind of behavior at the New Bev before.

    I don’t have an easy solution for any of this, but I would think something has to change.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #33921


    I would totally support this.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #33436

    I agree. I’ve been going to the New Bev for 18 years and have never had a problem finding a spot.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #33323

    “I hate man buns as much as the next guy, am no fan of quinoa and crave a steak right now – but what a Negative Nelly! We do not even KNOW what the enhancements / changes are going to be. It might just be better bathroom access for those with wheelchairs, it might be a larger concession stand to allow people to move through line quicker – who knows? The only thing I care about at this time is when I get to go back to the movies.”

    Yeah, exactly. I don’t really see the point of coming on here and unleashing a negative tirade. How, exactly, is that helpful?

    Oh, and I love the vegan dogs.

    A-ha, that’s it! Thanks!

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #32174

    Many of us appreciate what you do, Phil, and know you’re doing your best in a tough situation. I trust that if you were able to share more info at this time, you would.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #31023

    That is reassuring to hear, actually. I’m grateful for any little scrap of info we can get.

    Top New Bev Screenings of 2017 #31022

    Thanks, Phil! That means a lot.

    Top New Bev Screenings of 2017 #30902

    In an attempt to solace myself over the temporary loss of our MIA movie church, I thought I’d contribute to this thread. Really hard for me to narrow this list down, as I saw so many great screenings at the New Bev last year.

    DOOR was a surprisingly fun Italian mash-up of ROSEMARY’S BABY and THE EXORCIST. The highlight of SNOWBEAST, however, was the funny and humble Q&A from Bo Svensson, where he practically apologized for its existence. I remember the late Monty Lewis standing up to ask a question and when Bo asked, “did this work for you?”, good old Monty was as diplomatic as he could be about it.

    BLOOD was a blast, with a lively audience that was really into it. Definitely one of the best exploitation films I’ve seen. Interesting Q&A, too, although I can’t recall the names of the people involved. One of them even sang a sweet song as a tribute to one of the departed actors in the film.

    With Austin Stoker in person! I’d seen ASSAULT before, but seeing it at the New Bev gave me a whole new appreciation for it. It’s a film that really gets under your skin, and it’s become one of my favorites.

    I was really lucky to get tix to this, as it sold out in one minute. CHINA is another huge, long-time favorite, and it just never disappoints.

    Maybe my favorite double bill that I’ve ever seen at the New Bev. Both are among my all-time favorites, but PEE-WEE is particularly special to me. Seeing it with an audience who, like me, laughed at every gag as if they were seeing it for the first time, was truly great.

    Great triple! SCREAM and LISA were new to me, and the latter was particularly surprising, with a strong performance from Staci Keanan. Also, Phil’s birthday!

    While I didn’t score tix to the ARNOLD ALL-NIGHT marathon (another one that sold out in a minute flat), I at least got to see one of my all-time favorites (RECALL) on the big screen again. Seeing it in a theatrical setting for the first time since 1990 with such a lively audience (who even applauded some of the classic one-liners) was a real thrill. Also, MAN somehow becomes more fun every time I see it, and I’ll never forget our audience’s reaction to the all too prescient opening crawl, which could best be described as horrified laughter. One of my all-time favorite New Beverly moments.

    Michael Crichton double! RUNAWAY was another surprise. Tom Selleck, Gene Simmons and robot spiders!

    Pretty pleased to see this so soon after having seen it featured on Red Letter Media, where they expected to hate it and then ended up loving it. An underrated gem that’s bizarre, disturbing and even weirdly funny in places.

    The midnight doubles were some of the most fun times I’ve ever had at the New Bev and this one was a particular favorite. I was already a big fan of the mindbending ANGUISH (which is perfect fare for 2 in the morning), so it was great to see that again, while DEMONS really made an impression on me and has become one of my favorite recent discoveries.

    I love the obscure Italian horror films. Favorite moment of the night was the round of applause for the eyeball scene in ZOMBIE. (Can we get a screening of CONTAMINATION in the future?)

    One of the things I love about the New Bev is how even a film like CHEERLEADERS can attract an audience of all ages, watching it with a fair amount of seriousness. Worth it to see young David Hasselhoff and the Cabazon dinosaurs.

    GRAVE has to be one of the best “guilty pleasure” films I’ve seen, and yet another one I’d never even heard of until you programmed it.

    Another double bill that was new to me — as I’d only seen the first film — with another very enthusiastic audience. Pamela Springsteen is a treasure.

    Snakesploitation triple feature! Diminishing returns as the night wore on (for me at least), but SNAKES (AKA “FANGS”) had our audience in stitches. Also, I have to credit DEATH DIVE (AKA “FER-DE-LANCE”) for making me realize I have a thing for Hope Lange.

    Sorry this was so long. I just really miss you folks.

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