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  • NOW WATCHING #3034

    This week in 35mm I caught Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow at the New Beverly and Romero’s Season of the Witch at Cinefamily

    Dream Doubles #3032

    Nightmare on Elm Street 2 has such a weird reputation with horror fans. At the recent All Nighter on Elm Street, several people at the start of the night told me how much they were dreading sitting through the second installment of the series. But the film played GREAT with a crowd, totally brought down the house, and the same people that complained later told me it opened their eyes to a newfound appreciation for the film. I wholeheartedly love it and agree that Clu Gulager on screen is always a welcome sight.

    And we don’t even need to talk about Friday the 13th Part V – it’s my favorite entry in my favorite franchise. I could watch a whole movie of just Violet dancing or Demon sitting in the shitter.

    the LA movies masterpost #3029

    Sean, I caught a double bill Angel and Vice Squad at the New Bev a few years back and it was almost too much for my ’80s Hollywood Blvd heart to handle. Now that’s a double that needs to come back!

    June 2016 #3024

    Sean, Valley Girl is one of my all time faves and it always kills with an audience. Had you seen it before? Since the show sold out and so many people turned away, hopefully the film will return soon. It’d make a fun double with The Vals (1983) or Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I can never watch it enough.

    Dream Doubles #3022

    Efetchet – great list, I think I’ve seen all of those movies (except Cyborg) on the New Bev screen, some in those exact combinations! Fred Dekker has been to the theater many times and has always been a great guest. When we did Monster Squad a number of years ago with Fred, co-writer Shane Black was in the audience to watch the movie and it was the first time the old friends had connected in years. It ruled. Another highlight was a triple bill of Night of the Demons / Demons / Demons 2 on Halloween!

    Oh man, all of those shows mentioned above were SO GOOD. Joe Dante’s The Movie Orgry was a total revelation and I still find myself saying “Don’t crowd me, Joe” all the time. That Gremlins 2 midnight was one for the ages and the Q&A was conducted by Edgar Wright! Another amazing Joe Dante event was the The Howling midnight when special effects god Rob Bottin made a surprise appearance for the Q&A.

    There’s really too many to mention but a few personal highlights at the Bev have been taking a date to Umberto Lenzi’s cannibal gut-muncher Man From Deep River, the crowd at the first All Night Horror Show losing their fucking minds during the live birth sequence in Teenage Mother, the sold out audience on their feet & dancing to the Purple Rain midnight back in 2009, surviving 12 straight hours of Dolph Lundgren movies on the massive I Must Break You marathon, the epic Q&A for Alex Winter’s Freaked and seeing new-to-me discoveries Dark of the Sun, Preston Sturges’ Christmas in July and the Doris Day / Rock Hudson comedy Pillow Talk.

    Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow #2890

    The print is 50+ years old but the color is still perfect. I love the magic of Technicolor!

    There’s some minor wear and tear at the reel changes but overall this print looks AMAZING!

    And those damn masks for the Scarecrow and his gang must have scarred a generation of viewers. That’s probably why this film is so difficult to see.

    Dream Doubles #2873

    BeyondTheValley – that first pick gave your identity away! And boy would I love to see Jailbird Rock on a Flashdance-inspired double with Heavenly Bodies.

    Christopher Lambert #2871

    chibitachop – Adrenalin: Fear the Rush is probably for hardcore Lambert heads only but Nirvana should be waaaaay up your alley. Also, I just added a Highlander II print to my archive, bringing us one step closer to being able to do a full run of Lambert insanity.

    '90s Thrillers #2853

    David, I absolutely love Fear but that should come as no surprise since William Petersen is one of my all-time favorite actors.

    Beamish13, I watched Heaven’s Prisoners a few months back but had a hard time getting into it. I think it may have been a lot of the clashing accents. But it’s super sweaty and I’m glad I checked it out. For Baldwin in the ’90s, I much prefer Miami Blues which is absolutely GREAT.

    the LA movies masterpost #2795

    I’ve always dreamed about an LA ’86 double of Out of Bounds (1986) and Cobra (1986)

    NOW WATCHING #2710

    Ariel, any favorites on the Brooks front? I went through his filmography a few years back and really fell in love with his REAL LIFE and LOST IN AMERICA. For you, I’d also highly recommend Christine Lahti’s MY FIRST MISTER which he stars in.

    NOW WATCHING #2709

    Jenn, I just imported the Italian All Region blu-ray of THE NET and I’ll have to let you borrow it.

    Buffalo '66 #2707

    I love this movie! The last time I think it played at the New Bev it was paired with Bob Fosse’s stunning STAR 80.

    NOW WATCHING #2691

    Thanks, Wolfman, but what have YOU been watching?

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