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  • Mindhunters (2004) #21326

    Yeah, Mindhunters is pretty nuts. Might be a good pick for a midnight show.

    Hong Kong Movies #20952

    The New Bev screened Supercop a few years back…

    All Night Horror Show 2017 #20951

    For me, probably Killer Party and Alone in the Dark. I saw the latter as a kid just getting into horror movies (on the USA Network, I think), and it was interesting to revisit it all these years later, as I was able to appreciate the satirical anti-psychiatry bits that went over my head back then.

    It was also nice to have the opportunity to see Paul Naschy on the big screen.

    All Night Horror Show 2017 #20930

    Killer Party (1986)
    The Manster (1959)
    Alone in the Dark (1982)
    It’s Alive (1974)
    The Craving (1981)
    The Vagrant (1992)

    Somewhere in there they played the original Children of the Corn short film adaptation from 1983. At the end they showed the Woody Woodpecker animated short “Witch Crafty.”

    Greaser's Palace #17905

    Seeing this thing on the big screen could seriously blow some fuses. “I can crawl again!”

    Flash Gordon (1980) #17904

    Note to projectionist: Flash Gordon is the kiddee matinee; Flesh Gordon is the grindhouse feature next month. Please don’t get them mixed up.

    Director Doubles #17788

    Abel Ferrara – Ms. 45 / Bad Lieutenant
    Pete Walker – Cool It Carol / Die Screaming, Marianne
    Dusan Makavejev – WR: Mysteries of the Organism / Sweet Movie

    RIP Monty Lewis. #17348

    Crazy. I was recently talking to him in line about Videodrome . Friendly guy.

    May 2017 #15750

    Glad to see the New Bev promoting The Abominable Dr. Phibes. Awesome pre-slasher thrills.

    Charles Burnett #15570

    Killer of Sheep is a fantastic ’70s indie film. I saw it years ago at a screening attended by the director, who had several amusing stories about the problems involved in working with non-pro actors. A lot of them had zero experience with movie production, and no clear idea as to what the process entailed, so they’d try to beg off filming for a day or two by asking Burnett to get someone else to play their part for a while.

    Moment By Moment & The Lonely Lady #11797

    I was there for the Butterfly screening. Pia Zadora even showed up in person for some introductory comments, which meant a lot of corny jokes about her Golden Globe win and her plans to have QT make a sequel called Inglourious Butterfly. She walked out right before her first nude scene. IMO, the movie is better than its reputation suggests.

    All Night Horror Show 2016 #8870

    Actually, you sounded perfectly coherent, while I am the one who probably seemed like I’d just been shot full of re-animator fluid. This was a fantastic night at the New Bev, Phil. I’m so happy that there is a place where I can go see films like Race with the Devil, A Bay of Blood, and Slaughter High on the big screen, and in such beautiful prints.

    All Night Horror Show 2016 #8811

    I will be there, provided that no last-minute personal disasters arise.

    Dusk Till Dawn Cheerlead-A-Thon #6529

    What’s a cheerleader movie? Is it a porno?

    Trailer Apocalypse #6528

    The mystery movie was the adorably addled Invasion of the Blood Farmers (1972).

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