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  • Director Doubles #16343

    Anna Biller – “Viva” and “The Love Witch”

    The beguiled by Sofia Coppola #16014

    There should be a Coppola film festival in June leading up to the release of “The Beguiled”:

    “The Virgin Suicides” / “The Bling Ring”
    “Lost in Translation” / “Somewhere”
    “Marie Antoinette” solo night / or pair it with a “Beguiled” print (if Focus makes one)

    * and each evening starts with a screening of “Lick the Star”

    Director Doubles #13638

    Regarding more recent directors, I’d love to see the New Bev do a Tom Ford double bill if Focus can manage to have a print struck for “Nocturnal Animals”. That’s a movie that was tailor made to be screened in 35mm.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)