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  • Lizzie's New Beverly Cinema Wish List… #22581

    John and Mary & Move would be terrific. More Peter Yates, please!

    BREATHLESS '83 #20842

    Any Jim McBride would be fantastic. The Big Easy and Glen & Randa (which screened a big at the Nuart back in the day, I think) in particular

    Lair of the White Worm – 1988 #20774

    The incredible and ridiculously underseen WHORE and CRIMES OF PASSION would be tremendous.

    Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse-Five. #20773

    I’d love to see SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE at the New Beverly. Keith Gordon’s A MIDNIGHT CLEAR would be great, too

    Director Doubles #17816

    I’d love to see a Dusan Makavejev double bill. THE COCA-COLA KID and MONTENEGRO seldom screen.

    Universal in the '70s #17815

    Red Sky at Morning would be terrific, too, and it’s never been released on DVD.

    Jerry Schatzberg #16575

    A phenomenal director. REUNION (1989), which was written by Harold Pinter, is an underseen masterpiece.

    Exodus #16574

    Very excited to see this. Hopefully you’ll program more Preminger films in the future like THE HUMAN FACTOR (1979), SKIDOO and SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.

    Martha Coolidge #15619

    Would love to see Rambling Rose at the New Beverly

    Silence/The Last Temptation of Christ #15586

    Kundun in 35mm would be great, and it seldom screens

    Charles Burnett #15585

    My father in law produced To Sleep with Anger! Danny Glover financed much of it with his Lethal Weapon 2 salary. The new answer print Sony made looks gorgeous. It’s a real tragedy that his latest feature, Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation, has received some one-off screenings but never got any proper distribution.

    Bernardo Bertolucci #15584

    Sheltering Sky looks unbelievable in 35mm. That Sakamoto Ryuichi score-wow! Would love to see Little Buddha, Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man or especially La Luna at the New Beverly

    Rancho Deluxe #14965

    Am I correct in assuming that the resplendent looking print of “DOC” that you screened had
    never been through a projector gate before? It looks immaculate, and the film surpassed all
    of my expectations.

    Diary of a Mad Housewife #14661

    Thank you so much for screening this unbelievably great film, and for the entire Frank Perry series. Seeing it with a packed, appreciative audience last night was wonderful.

    This and Play it as it Lays were also a part of Metrograph’s recent Universal in the 70’s series; dare I hope that you will show some more of the prints they screened, like Puzzle of a Downfall Child (also not on DVD)?

    21 Suggestions #13557

    Cross of Iron, Scarecrow (any of Schatzberg’s films, really) and Inside Moves would be terrific

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 89 total)