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  • The Girl on a Motorcycle (1968) #25043

    LOVE this film. Jack Cardiff was a remarkable filmmaker. The DVD looks like garbage

    Ralph Bakshi Films #25042

    The print of COONSKIN that the New Beverly screened looked stunning. I thought it was struck from the original negative.

    Top New Bev Screenings of 2017 #25041

    The Frank & Eleanor Perry retrospective was wonderful. I’d seen that 16mm print of LAST SUMMER with Barbara Hershey at the Egyptian (I believe she’s been to the New Beverly as well, no?), but seeing DIARY OF A MAD HOUSEWIFE, LADYBUG LADYBUG, RANCHO DELUXE, and “DOC” (which looked stunning) was a revelatory experience.

    Upgrades & Enhancements 2018 #23249

    Bathroom accommodations for individuals with disabilities would be phenomenal!

    Lizzie's New Beverly Cinema Wish List… #22581

    John and Mary & Move would be terrific. More Peter Yates, please!

    BREATHLESS '83 #20842

    Any Jim McBride would be fantastic. The Big Easy and Glen & Randa (which screened a big at the Nuart back in the day, I think) in particular

    Lair of the White Worm – 1988 #20774

    The incredible and ridiculously underseen WHORE and CRIMES OF PASSION would be tremendous.

    Catch-22 and Slaughterhouse-Five. #20773

    I’d love to see SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE at the New Beverly. Keith Gordon’s A MIDNIGHT CLEAR would be great, too

    Director Doubles #17816

    I’d love to see a Dusan Makavejev double bill. THE COCA-COLA KID and MONTENEGRO seldom screen.

    Universal in the '70s #17815

    Red Sky at Morning would be terrific, too, and it’s never been released on DVD.

    Jerry Schatzberg #16575

    A phenomenal director. REUNION (1989), which was written by Harold Pinter, is an underseen masterpiece.

    Exodus #16574

    Very excited to see this. Hopefully you’ll program more Preminger films in the future like THE HUMAN FACTOR (1979), SKIDOO and SUCH GOOD FRIENDS.

    Martha Coolidge #15619

    Would love to see Rambling Rose at the New Beverly

    Silence/The Last Temptation of Christ #15586

    Kundun in 35mm would be great, and it seldom screens

    Charles Burnett #15585

    My father in law produced To Sleep with Anger! Danny Glover financed much of it with his Lethal Weapon 2 salary. The new answer print Sony made looks gorgeous. It’s a real tragedy that his latest feature, Namibia: The Struggle for Liberation, has received some one-off screenings but never got any proper distribution.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 93 total)