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  • Lizzie's New Beverly Cinema Wish List… #22602

    Times Square!! Yessss

    Straight Time #21518

    Ooooo! I just finished reading the book for Straight Time! I’d love to see that on the big screen! yes please!

    Walter Matthau month #18317

    OH PLEASE!!! I love Walter Matthau more than my cats love wet food. I think.
    Anyways, a lot.

    yessssss to this!
    Hopscotch, Lonely Are the Brave, Slaughter on 10th St, Fail Safe (!!!!), Pete n’ Tillie (Martin Ritt!!), I Ought to be In Pictures, Little Miss Marker, Odd Couple…

    So many.

    April 2017 #14915

    DUUUUUUDE. Yay Republic Serials!!! And George Meeker’s in this! I’m such a fangirl for him. He’s so great in all the old cheapie b-noirs that exist on Alpha Video but are super rad like Black Market Babies, etc.

    RIP Chuck Berry #14840

    And of course his part from the Alan Freed film GO JOHNNY GO!

    RIP Chuck Berry #14839

    This one is also killer:

    Diary of a Mad Housewife #14702

    Thank you SO SO SO much New Beverly for showing these films!!!
    This double was really one of my top experiences and likely some of the most beautiful prints I have ever seen.
    Phil is so right- so great to see with an audience.
    Striking works. I will never be the same. I fell into them like quicksand at 7:30 and came out at the end…11:30.
    No idea where the time went, don’t care.
    What a night!

    Gower Gulch #13118

    One of the things I REALLY MISS is the guy who used to make keys at Gower Gulch. He worked out of the wagon thing that sits in the parking lot. This was probably in the 80s or so. But he had been there way longer. My mom & I used to go get keys made from him when I was a kid. He had signed pictures inside the wagon from old movie stars and stuff. It’s kinda sad that he’s not there anymore because he was pretty rad.
    Also, there was a xerox place there called Charlie Chan’s. It smelled like ink. It was a really great smell. And that Rite Aid used to be a Thrifty’s. *little kid memories*

    St. Pat double bill #11349

    Would love to see The Butcher Boy, Calvary, Mickybo and Me or Cal….There are SO MANY great Irish films tho’….

    Kodak Reel Film app #10760

    Downloading now!!!! YES!!!! <3 <3

    LA's Video Stores #10584

    Thanks for posting that, Phil!
    I’d also like to point out that the other archivist that they mention in that article is Marc Edward Heuck, another blogger here at the New Beverly blog, and while the project was proposed and is being headed by myself through the company that I am associated with, there is 100% NO WAY EVER that I would be able to do it without his mad film skillz!

    Christmas Day at the New Bev! #10467

    I was just saying that I think I’ll spend Xmas w/The Hateful Eight & the New Bev again.
    Hateful Eight was a *great* way to do Xmas last year, so I’m thinking – hell, a tradition? Sure! Why not!
    If you see me at the theater, come on up and introduce yourself! I love meeting new people and folks who love the New Bev!

    Have you tasted the New Beverly? #9955

    Regular grind or chunk style!
    Flavor richness!


    Grindhouse actors in commercials #9798
    Grindhouse actors in commercials #9797

    I would give lots of money to have THIS one on 16mm!!!!

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