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    So what happens in a cell phone lock bag when someone forgets to silence their phone and it starts ringing? They have to run out of the theater to silence it? People would just hide their phones. A better option would be a “phone check” when you buy your ticket or something. Or just have someone from the theater monitor the crowd. Honestly, I didn’t notice it much. Not as much as a regular theater, anyway.


    How about just ACTUALLY ENFORCE the cell phone rule? I’m not calling out the New Bev, but I have yet to see anyone kicked out, of any theater in LA, for using a cell phone. Maybe it happens stealthily or something and I just miss it. But I don’t see why I should have to surrender my phone just because existing rules aren’t being enforced (besides, you don’t think the locking bags are more about controlling a social media presence than it is about audience experience?)


    I don’t think the size of the New Bev would allow for 70mm (it’s not just having a projector). I’m also not sure that the ends would justify the means- it’s cool as hell for sure, but the theaters that already can project it only do a few times a year (and less if you don’t count new releases like Dunkirk and Phantom Thread, for examples).


    I’m someone who turns their phone off completely before the trailers even start and I don’t understand why that’s such a difficult concept to grasp for anyone who goes to a theater. The New Bev already enforces the “no cell phone” rule pretty well — better than most other theaters — but it’s certainly not foolproof. I’ve been there a number of times when one of the staff has to march down the aisle to tell someone to shut off their phone, usually near the beginning of the film, but I’ve noticed that enforcement becomes a little more lax once the movie gets going and offenders are usually tough to catch in the act anyway. I’ve also noticed latecomers tend to be the biggest offenders, maybe because they miss the opening announcements about cell phone use (although you’d think all theater-goers would be well aware of them at this point). All this puts the impetus on the audience members to have to report everything…which means they have to leave the theater and miss part of the film to deal with it. It seemed like the security guard they hired last year was doing more regular cell phone sweeps, so I guess that’s a start.

    Honestly, the talking at the New Bev was becoming a far bigger problem than any cell phone use. There was a girl at one of the Grindhouse screenings last year who was one of the most obnoxious patrons I’ve ever seen. The staff was notified, and when one of the staff members discreetly sat in front of her and quietly asked her to stop, she had a fit and started loudly cursing him out. She was, of course, ejected from the theater. I was at another screening when a fight almost broke out behind me because one guy wouldn’t shut up and was confronted by another audience member. I’d never seen this kind of behavior at the New Bev before.

    I don’t have an easy solution for any of this, but I would think something has to change.


    I’ve also noticed latecomers tend to be the biggest offenders, maybe because they miss the opening announcements about cell phone use (although you’d think all theater-goers would be well aware of them at this point).

    The answer is to not allow late entry, like the Alamo Drafthouse’s policy. Once the intro starts, if no one is allowed to enter the theatre, this would be MUCH less of a problem.

    I was at the Egyptian the other night and 30+ minutes into Texas Chainsaw Massacre, two people join my row, talk, and use their phones. I have to call them out on it twice. If they were not allowed to enter the theatre so late, I would have had a perfect screening experience.

    As someone who would often alert the staff about phone use or talking, the person has to talk twice before I, a fellow patron, feel comfortable telling on them. Then when the staff member talks to them, it’s after at least 3 times that they used their phone/talked. Then when the employee talks to them a second time, it would because the patron had talked/used their phone at least 4 times before they get kicked out.

    What would help is if they got kicked out at the “1st warning”.
    Since everyone was told not to talk or use their phones in the intro, the first time an employee talks to the bad patron, it should be considered the “2nd warning” and they kicked out on the spot. I think that getting called out once leading to expulsion would actually make people not want to break the rules.


    Yeah, I think you’re right.

    I was at the Aero a few weeks ago for the Psycho marathon and a couple walked in about a half hour into the first film, sat close to the front on the far right side and proceeded to use their cell phones off and on throughout the whole movie. The guy was particularly obnoxious, making broad, sweeping gestures with his arm every time he turned his screen on…like he was doing it on purpose. The first time they did it, the guy next to me loudly said, “REALLY?” We kind of looked at each other and I shook my head, but I think we both knew the staff wouldn’t do anything about it. They left after Psycho…then came back partway through Psycho II with what looked like a pizza. Then they left after that and came back for Psycho III, seemingly drunk. I have to wonder what motivated them to come to the theater in the first place.

    I was at the Star Trek II & IV double at the New Bev last year when a big group of kids stumbled in about halfway through and sat all around me. You could hear a pin drop during Spock’s funeral scene until a few of these kids started snickering. Really? Again, why come?


    Help! I need to know a general estimate of when the New Bev will be reopened. For my own sanity please. Ballpark it. When will we have our precious theater restored?



    so I think something is actually happening….they put brown paper all over the front windows this week so you can’t see inside the lobby anymore….

    Also the instagram post about hiring new projectionists…..

    pls new bev gods, we need our church back


    It’d be cool if there were chocolate shakes at The New Bev.


    In response to the cell phone thing with people who come late, it’s not like they don’t know that you aren’t supposed to use a cell phone in a movie theater. I think that if people show up during the trailers or anytime after the cell phone announcement they should be told by the staff at the ticketing window to turn off their cell phones before they go in. It would be pretty cool if they turned The New Bev into an entirely cell phone free space once you walk in, but I’m sure there would be a lot of objection to that.

    I used to work in a corporate theater and having people complain about others talking and texting during the movie was literally always a pain in the ass because people get so upset when staff come in and tell them they need to stop talking or they need to leave. I’ve definitely had my share of people blow up at me, so I can where it’s coming from when they may be to act on it when a movie is in session. It’s a pretty complicated issue because people are so unpredictable, but I feel like this is the kind of theater that can enforce a stricter rule set than AMC or Regal or whatever.


    June 25, 2018 Update:

    We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we have been working to get a target date for the re-opening of the New Beverly Cinema. If everything goes as planned, we are looking at a December 2018 re-opening. While we are doing a lot of behind the scenes work to upgrade the theater, rest assured when we re-open, you will find the vintage New Beverly Cinema that we all know and love. We look forward to sharing more with all of you as we continue this process. Again, thank you for your patience, loyalty, and support.


    Sweet, sweet, sweet Jesus, it’s actually happening!


    I guess my theory that Quentin will be using it in OUaTiH wasn’t so crazy after all


    Yikes, another five months without the New Bev. I’m glad we finally have an actual estimate, although I was really hoping it would be open for October. I’ll take what I can get, though!


    Is there any update on the chocolate shakes though?

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