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    And wtf is up with people complaining about the parking around the theatre? It’s so not hard.


    I agree. I’ve been going to the New Bev for 18 years and have never had a problem finding a spot.


    While I personally don’t find it too difficult to find parking for most shows, it can sometimes be a challenge when attending an extremely popular event, especially if that night lines up with trash day in the neighborhood. Also, with the new afternoon matinees, the 2 hour time limit for much of the residential area can complicate parking for longer films. But I’ve noticed a lot more people have been using rideshare services to get to the theater, especially for the midnights and matinees, and I think that’s helped a bunch.


    While I personally appreciate speculation, bewilderment, accommodation & any and all urban aspect discussion, isn’t this all merely self-prescribed misdirection on our part, fellow Torgantino’s…?
    Therein lies the benevolent power of the Wait. It’s strength derived from our agony & crackhead calibre thumb text, denoting desperation is developing degrading, dire need…tis’ 2018 and therapy is astronomical on both sides of the hill.
    As for parking, I recommend having a Kolpik, Shtreimel or Spodik headgear, in your vehicle, ready to don as you lock up. Yarmulke probably won’t work, you gotta make an immediate impression.
    I’m Philly Irish and have to regularly check my ‘mazel-tov’ delivery, so make sure to Google the audio.


    Hi, Monica, first time poster. I found the New Bev my last year of high school and would make the trek out to see movies and be around other film lovers. I love everything about the theater how it is, except that if a tall person sits in front of me I can’t see. Making the theater more slanted would be great for us semishorties. I don’t mind showing up 2 hours before to ensure a spot in the front though. I’m excited for the theater to open again!


    Welcome to the forum, Monica!


    Parking is easy in the area and trying to add parking given the zoning of the area or the cost of adjacent land is unfeasible. Though, last time I parked on Beverly for the midnight Resevoir Dogs showing someone broke out my rear windows and stole my electric car charger hidden in my trunk. So that sucked, but parking will never be a possible upgrade in that area.


    Hello! I’m a 35mm addict currently living in NYC and heading to LA for the summer. Is there any word on when the New Bev will reopen? I’ve heard so much about the theater and I would love to see some prints while I’m in LA. Thank you so much!


    Hi Boolu – we’re working on it but don’t have yet a date set for re-opening. However, there’s a lot of great venues around town that offer 35mm options, including the American Cinematheque at the Egyptian and the Aero, UCLA, LACMA, the Vista, and more.


    Parking solution: buy a bike. Ride it.

    Destroy all cars.


    I’m guessing August 9, 2019.






    8mm animation projections

    70mm film projector

    More new independently made movies from unknown filmmakers


    A film festival where the winner gets a screening at the new bev



    I would totally support this.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 140 total)

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