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    Please re-open soon. I miss going to the movies. Cinefamily is gone, and Los Feliz 3 and the Vista are ok, but nothing can fill the void of the New Bev being closed for so long. Can’t wait to see the upgrades!


    I actually think someone is actually opening a theater at the old Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theater location. It’s called On Fairfax or something like that. They briefly had an active twitter account but it seems to be gone now.

    I’m glad New Bev isn’t rushing with the renovations but I am starting to miss it even more now that awards season is over and we’re in a kinda movie dead zone.


    Cool news! Thanks!!

    Phil – any insight into what month we can expect to see the New Bev re-open? May? June? July? Thanks!!!



    Hi John,

    No date yet to announce.


    I am beginning to lose hope.

    Would it help if I stood outside the theater holding a boombox playing “Baby Come Back”?


    Hatchporch, no reason to lose hope! Things always take longer than you’d expect but we’ll be back better than ever.


    That is reassuring to hear, actually. I’m grateful for any little scrap of info we can get.


    My girlfriend just left me. It turns out the only reason she dated me in the first place was my apartment’s proximity to the New Bev. She laid it down simply: “Look, I thought we could get through this, but the last four months have been awful, I can’t take this anymore, I’m seeing someone else. He lives near the Egyptian.” I started off angry, but she’s right. Without the New Bev I have nothing to offer. Please open soon so I don’t continue this life of celibacy much longer.


    Phil what is going on? Been like 5 months man….

    I drove by the other night and there were a bunch of people in the lobby and the popcorn machine was popping!

    We need answers!!! pls bro


    I am predicting a May 1st re-opening!!!!


    Is this real? We are deprived come on!!!!!


    We’re still working on it but don’t have a date to report.


    Ok, why the secrecy? You guys said, “stay tuned for updates and “behind the scenes” info and then posted no follow ups anywhere. When anyone asks for info, you guys post vague replies. We are the people that support the theater and just want to know what’s going on. You don’t need to show photos and details, but you must know whether it will be another month or 6 months right? Is there some reason from the higher ups that you won’t tell us something so simple? If so, that’s fine, just tell us and we’ll stop asking. Is that so hard? Why jerk everyone around? It’s apparent we aren’t going to be told what the new changes are ahead of time. All we want to know is when we can look forward to seeing movies there again.


    Hi Monkeyboy, I appreciate your patience and apologize if you feel we’re jerking you around. However, there’s no conspiracy. It’s pretty simple; when we have good information to share, we will. Between contractors, electricians, permitting offices, government bureaucracy, and everything else in this city, things move much slower than you’d hope or expect. Along the way, plans and timelines change. When we make an announcement, we want to make sure its accurate and applicable. I truly expect we’ll have answers for you soon.

    In the meantime, for your movie needs there are a lot of great options in Los Angeles: the Cinematheque at the Egyptian and the Aero, UCLA, LACMA, USC, the Academy, the Vista, Drafthouse LA, the LA Film Forum, Old Town Music Hall, Laemmle, Acropolis Cinema, countless festivals (TCM Film Fest starts today!), etc.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 140 total)

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