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    Anything to improve the experience but hopefully maintain the charm that makes the New Bev so special. It’s a unique time capsule to escape the “real” world of 2018 and beyond. But I have complete faith in you folks, you’ve been dynamite. Open again soon!


    How about adding 70mm. Do not know if it is feasible but one can dream. As long as you do not add DCP we are all good. Maybe fix the bathrooms. A few other things.


    How about some pizza at the refreshments counter? Everything else is perfect.


    Just come back soon!



    i really do not want much changed at all. it was good as is. 70mm would be nice though


    also keep the concession stand options simple


    Yo Phil,

    Cold Brew Coffee on Tap would be sick.

    Also, me and my buddy have noticed that if you’re sitting in the back row with Freddy…that you can hear the concession microwave (or maybe it’s the AC) come on. Would be awesome to soundproof if possible.

    Thanks for getting all the standby people in on new years btw, awesome night.


    thebigmin- I would definitely love if we could expand our caffeinated options, especially for the late night shows. And agreed that added sound-proofing would go a long way to help keeping background noise from the street, lobby & concession stand out of the auditorium.


    I think that enlarging the bathrooms, maybe with some handicap access, would make visits easier, considering the amount of people that visit the bathroom after each show.

    During the time before shows, music that plays in the cinema could also be played in the lobby, which will ease the tedious act of waiting in the concession/bathroom line.

    I would like to see more horror/grindhouse films here, but since I live so far away I am limited to the times I can be here, and a lot of the films of this type are shown later into the night than I am willing to stay. I would definitely like to see films of these types shown earlier in the day or evening.

    If the seats are raised steeper, the audience would not have to worry about tall people sitting in front of them.

    These are all minor things that I wouldn’t mind remaining the same, but I think they would be steps in the right direction to improve everyone’s experience here. As long as the shows are in 35mm and the popcorn recipe stays the same, I will be forever happy 🙂


    I agree with the people requesting a steeper seating I generally only sit in the first 2 rows because otherwise there are always heads in the way.

    I also loved the suggestion of “a subtle low lit digital clock next to the exit signs so people won’t look at their phones.”


    when can we expect the first updates?


    nitrate capability


    -Larger bathrooms.
    -Printed tickets with the film title/program on the ticket.
    -Reserved seating.
    -Dolby Digital/DTS/SDDS
    -Staggered seating.
    -Some sort of queuing system in place for sell outs where people line up a week before hand; an exaggeration of course. Reserved seating would render this unnecessary.
    -Polarized 3D
    -Self-served butter.


    Welcome to the forum, Ernie!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 140 total)

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