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    I’m sitting in the theater as we speak. There have been *a lot* of upgrades, including new acoustic baffles/curtains all around the theater (with a red and blue color scheme), larger screen, improved sound system, new seats (or at least cushions…not sure) that have been staggered and spaced out more, a new p.a. system, a new paint job (grey), metal support columns replacing the old wood ones, a new ceiling and lighting and no carpet in the lobby. The restrooms have also been refurbished with new tile, paint, lighting, fixtures and a speaker system so you can hear the film if you have to exit the theater.

    I’m sure I’m missing things, but that covers most of the major stuff.


    New upgrades are fantastic! Still feels like the “old” New Beverly, but with better sound and a larger screen. Dig the new color scheme and staggered seats as well.


    Absolutely! My friend and I were really struck by little things like the subtly improved sightlines from the seats. I also love how dead quiet the room has become, in terms of acoustics. It’s something I never really noticed until they improved it.


    Out of curiosity, did you guys end up installing DTS audio?


    Notops – we’re still perfecting the DTS setup but we expect it to be up and running soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 136 through 140 (of 140 total)

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