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    June 25, 2018 Update:

    We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we have been working to get a target date for the re-opening of the New Beverly Cinema. If everything goes as planned, we are looking at a December 2018 re-opening. While we are doing a lot of behind the scenes work to upgrade the theater, rest assured when we re-open, you will find the vintage New Beverly Cinema that we all know and love. We look forward to sharing more with all of you as we continue this process. Again, thank you for your patience, loyalty, and support.


    NEW BEV NEWS!!! Starting in January, the New Beverly will be closed for a variety of exciting upgrades and enhancements. We’ll keep you updated along the way and are excited for you to see what surprises we have in store for 2018!


    Any upgrades that you’re particularly hoping to see?


    comfier seats. or at the very least, the armrest portions!

    literally the only thing. you are perfect in every other way.


    A steeper seating grade to stop the person in front of you from blocking the view

    A DTS (Datasat) 5.1 decoder and SDDS


    Please expand the bathrooms!


    Bathroom accommodations for individuals with disabilities would be phenomenal!


    Since a steeper grade as mentioned in a previous comment probably isn’t possible, staggered seating so there isn’t someone else’s head directly in front of anybody.


    I hope the two 35mm projectors and the 16mm projector would still be there, after fixing up the place.


    How about a subtle low lit digital clock next to the exit signs so people won’t look at their phones.

    The air conditioning is sometimes really cold. Maybe it depends where you sit based on the vents but I’ve had friends freezing there.

    Some seat sections squeak when you shift around . I know the front left seats squeak when you move. There’s a few other spots I’ve noticed. Awkward in a quiet movie trying not to move.

    These are minor. the place is almost perfect



    Don’t change anything! Why do all movie theatres need to be so showy and high tech? The New Beverly doesn’t need a huge array of LED screens that tell you what time each movie playing is set to start. It doesn’t need motion sensing touchless faucets or Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the restrooms. It doesn’t need rows of leather recliners. It doesn’t need air hockey tables or claw crane game machines in the lobby. It doesn’t need stadium seating where the back rows are looking downward at the movie screen. One reason that the New Beverly cinema is so great is because it has none of these things to detract from the appreciation of cinema. If you have to make one change take the large format glass framed portraits of early/silent movie stars that used to hang in the screening room of the Cinefamily and put them along the walls of the screening room of the New Beverly!


    one more thing… a friend gave me the idea.. a speaker in the bathroom playing the audio of the movie…


    Unwatched – great idea! Cinefamily used to do that at one point.


    Would love to see even more vegan options at the snack counter. I absolutely love the fact that you now have the Okja dogs, but maybe a couple other options? Good luck and can’t wait to be back in 2018!!


    Welcome to the forum, Jon! In addition to the vegan dogs, this year we’ve also added green pea crisps and a line of Endangered Species Chocolate bars (multiple varieties, most of which are vegan). And our popcorn is vegan, as long as you order it without butter. Plus, when we’ve had special events, such as our all-night marathons where we’ve given out free donuts or pizza, we’ve been sure to order vegan options for our guests (and staff). But we’re always look for other ideas – I know I’ve been begging to add nutritional yeast to my popcorn for years.


    Bigger bathrooms (at least the men’s — kinda reminds me of porno theater bathrooms — not that I’ve ever been to one ;)); larger lobby; staggered seating; snack bar pricing is great!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 140 total)

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