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    …is getting the bi-annual 50% off treatment at Barnes and Noble, in-store and online (here’s the link)

    I grabbed Dr. Strangelove, The Player, In a Lonely Place, Cronos, Eraserhead, Slacker, and The Complete Lady Snowblood this time around.

    Anyone else get anything?


    I think I’ve still got a queue with the titles I scored during the last sale. But my home video addiction is like crack or Pok√©mon, I’ve gotta catch ’em all.


    Bertrand – great meeting you tonight!

    Any thoughts on the Criterions you picked up? I finally saw In a Lonely Place on dvd a couple years back and it really blew me away. I should definitely upgrade to that new blu.


    Great meeting you, too!

    Love em all–the transfers on Eraserhead (which, along with Slacker, had an insanely dense supplements package)and In a Lonely Place were particularly great. And yeah, In a Lonely Place is pretty devastatingly perfect.

    Kinda wish the Lady Snowblood box had more bonus features, but what can you do.

    Also, despite my wallet screaming at me, I went back to B&N’s site like two days later and pulled the trigger on The New World, Touch of Zen, Band of Outsiders, and Seven Samurai because, well, why not?


    Whenever there’s a Criterion sale at Barnes & Noble, I always feel like I should program the assault theme from “The Entity” to play when I open my wallet. But I always tell myself it’s to expand my horizons and learn about directors they never really had the time, patience or cojones to teach us about in school.

    I keep a list of the films I own from Criterion on their site, the most recent addition being “Buena Vista Social Club”.

    * two films I would love to see them add in my lifetime are “Barry Lyndon” and von Trier’s “The Idiots”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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