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    Since I’ve never seen her movies, I figured that this feature film could be great to be double feature with another film by Sofia, in 35mm. If anyone wants to see it at new beverly, they could see it with lost in translation, Marie Antoinette, somewhere, the Virgini suicides, or the bling ring in 35mm film, flat or CinemaScope.


    Lost in Translation all day long 😉


    You owe it to yourself to watch all of her films! I’m a huge, huge fan of The Virgin Suicides but everything is worthwhile.


    There should be a Coppola film festival in June leading up to the release of “The Beguiled”:

    “The Virgin Suicides” / “The Bling Ring”
    “Lost in Translation” / “Somewhere”
    “Marie Antoinette” solo night / or pair it with a “Beguiled” print (if Focus makes one)

    * and each evening starts with a screening of “Lick the Star”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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