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    Since I’ve never seen her movies, I figured that this feature film could be great to be double feature with another film by Sofia, in 35mm. If anyone wants to see it at new beverly, they could see it with lost in translation, Marie Antoinette, somewhere, the Virgini suicides, or the bling ring in 35mm film, flat or CinemaScope.


    Lost in Translation all day long 😉


    You owe it to yourself to watch all of her films! I’m a huge, huge fan of The Virgin Suicides but everything is worthwhile.


    There should be a Coppola film festival in June leading up to the release of “The Beguiled”:

    “The Virgin Suicides” / “The Bling Ring”
    “Lost in Translation” / “Somewhere”
    “Marie Antoinette” solo night / or pair it with a “Beguiled” print (if Focus makes one)

    * and each evening starts with a screening of “Lick the Star”


    Do you have any idea when you will post ticketing information for the June 14 showing of THE BEGUILED? Thank you.


    Hi Peter, we hope to post more details soon but it probably won’t be until the beginning of next week.




    Hi Keeler,

    Advance tickets went on sale online today at noon and our allotment of 150 tickets sold out very, very quickly. We specifically limited this event to two tickets per person to allow for more individual buyers but, unfortunately, there were literally hundreds of people vying for the very limited amount available.


    Maybe it varies from movie to movie, but what time do people usually line up for the small allotment of tickets made available on the day of the show? Thanks.


    For most shows, the line really starts to form about an hour out. However, we’re expecting a much larger turnout for The Beguiled. When we did a big John Carpenter show a few months back, the first people in standby got there before noon, though it didn’t start to really pick up until around 3pm.


    Kim Morgan on The Beguiled:


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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