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    We are loosing our Cinerama Domes and we need HELP, FAST!
    It was recently announced that the ground lease is due to expire and the landowner is seeking to find a developer for the property that is currently home to the Winchester Theaters, formerly The Century Theaters (21, 22 and 23.) These iconic theaters, built in the 1960s to herald both the space age and new cinema technology, are at risk of demolition.
    The buildings—originally called the Century Theaters—were the first theaters of their kind. Designed by San Francisco architect Vincent Raney and opened between 1964 and 1966 to accommodate a new widescreen technology called Cinerama that was developed to help theaters distinguish themselves from television, The Century Theaters are a cultural symbol of postwar prosperity for the masses and a widespread optimism in the future. Although the theaters have not been granted landmark status yet some architectural historians agree these are some of the best remaining examples of mid-century modern architecture in Silicon Valley and have as much historical significance as the Winchester Mystery House.
    Saving the Domes is an opportunity to restore and reuse an historic property. The Retro Dome and its partners stand poised to immediately provide tenants for the building and breathe new life into whichever venues can be saved. The Retro Dome, with its award-winning programs, would be able to move in and begin operations immediately, creating captivating entertainment for all ages and demographics, making the new Retro Dome another jewel in the crown that is Silicon Valley’s entertainment scene.
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    Welcome to the forum, Page! I grew up not too far from San Jose and went to the Domes several times in my youth. I have great memories of my trips there.


    I never thought that historical preservation could be a way to save the domes. It seems that the rush to build incredibly expensive housing in the biggest traffic mess of the south bay doomed them.

    I hope they stay because that is where I intend to wait for things to blow over in the zombie apocalypse.


    Oh, to highlight the seriousness of the problem, the Retro Dome which was a smaller dome that was showing midnight movies, classics and some live events was torn down to build a place that sells salad.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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