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    If that’s really how it ‘ends’, can they include a scene where she Lorena Bobbits her hubby, too? Alleged spoiler at the link, if it ends up being true.


    Never heard anything more bogus in my entire life.

    When they screened the ’73 Manson doc back on August 9th last year Tarantino was there, and he said to Robert Hendrickson (the director) he was convinced Manson was guilty of conspiracy to murder in all the Manson Family murders except for the killings at the Polanski/Tate estate.

    An interesting thought considering the trial testimonies from the killers are the best evidence we have as to what exactly went down and what Manson’s involvement was and how the different testimonies frequently contradicted each other, much like the testimonies of the witnesses in the film Rashomon.

    My guess is he dramatizes the Tate murders in Rashomon style, where we’re left guessing whether the kids drove up to Cielo Drive on their own accord only to tell Manson about it after the fact or whether it actually had been Manson who ordered the kids to kill everybody at the Tate residence all along.

    Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, and The Hateful Eight were all kind of riffing on Rashomon (each in their own unique way), so it’d be cool to see Tarantino do a movie that approaches the Rashomon angle straight up but about an authentic and historic mass murder case. I don’t think anybody’s ever done that with a true crime movie before.

    I also think he’s gonna dramatize the descent that caused Manson’s free spirited loving family of carefree hippies to turn into psychotic blood crazy thrill killers. All the previous movies about the Manson Family murders portray the Family as brainwashed killers right from the get-go, but if they really wanted to give an accurate look at what happened they’d have to trace the story all the way back to its beginning; before they became heartless monsters. The slow transformation that took place in these otherwise average american kids is likely what’s most enigmatic about the case and it’s the one thing dramatizations of the events overlook the most.

    And I also bet you a million-bajillion dollars he uses the song “Dark White” by Bonniwell Music Machine for the opening credits. It’s from the Manson movie “The Helter Skelter Murders”, they screened it last year as a double feature with Joseph Zito’s Patty Hearst film “Abduction” (a film that takes some intriguing creative liberties with the Hearst story).

    The lyrics are perfect in describing the Manson girls, and Manson in a way (song’s latter half).
    Check it:

    Bare and wanting, white dry lipstick,
    part girl whole woman, and her heart goes tock tick,
    she feels indecision, she’s seeking wrong from right,
    fears of inhibition, she’s dark white,
    crawled up windows, it seems people know she,
    she gave herself to love entirely, she feels lust and wanting,
    searching for some insight, she feels loved but abandoned,
    oh she’s dark white

    Gotta have you here beside me,
    I need your love girl I do,
    gotta have you here beside me,
    come get me here I’m here for you,
    you need me I know,
    I want you to know,
    I’ve got to have you come girl now,
    I need you tonight,
    I know you’re dark white,
    but I’ve got to have you anyhow,
    you’ve got to call, call and get me,
    I know you know it’s all alright,
    I need your loving,
    stop and think and you’re dark white,
    I need you yes I do, yes I need your help,
    I’ve got to have your burst of love,
    you know I need, need your loving,
    I’ve got to have your burst of love,
    you’ve got to call, you’ve got to come,
    you’ve got to come get me, I know you know it’s over,
    girl I need, need a lover,
    stop and think and you’re dark white


    Tarantino – who recently revealed he plans to make two more movies and will then retire – shied away from the suggestion, but reportedly seemed flustered when asked about his next project, insisting claims it was to be an examination of the Manson Family murders were being “misrepresented”.

    He said: “It’s being misrepresented as a Manson film – that is all I can say.”

    I guess we were both wrong lol.

    So it’s gonna be a movie partly about Sharon Tate but not a Manson Family film. Now I’m stumped.


    Since he asked Morricone to write a score for the hateful eight, who should be the next composer for Quentin’s 9th feature.


    Dicraprio seems to be playing a character inspired by Clint Eastwood.


    The first Tarantino feature film not to be distributed by Weinstein company.

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