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    Rank your QT favorites!


    To paraphrase FILM CRIT HULK, trying to rank the order of the best Tarantino films is like fighting over the order of the best eight people on the planet… BUT, that said, Inglourious Basterds ever-so-slightly edges out the rest of the pack for me.

    Though I like to think my brother’s answer is more apt: “Whichever Tarantino film I happen to be watching when you ask.”


    I agree, if your going to compare a Tarantino movie, you compare it to every other movie ever made, that was not made by Tarantino, Tarantino is the Hattori Hanzo of movies. But I love love love Kill Bill both volumes, I watch it every weekend. I love all of them though, they make me feel a feeling that is 1000 times greater than the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt.


    Inglorious Basterds — the “masterpiece”
    Jackie Brown — the other “masterpiece”
    Hateful Eight
    Django: Unchained


    My favorites are due to the films and the experiences that I had related to them.

    The first time I ever went to the New Beverly, sometime in the early/mid 90s, my best friend in junior high & I went w/her older sister to a midnight show of Reservoir Dogs. She brought in carrot sticks in her purse & I thought we were going to get in trouble for bringing in our own snacks. HA.
    I still think that is one of the BEST films to see on a big screen. Seeing it at home doesn’t do it justice.

    Then Jackie Brown. I cannot see this film too many times. I get something new & wonderful each time. As an LA native, seeing all the locations I am familiar with, especially starting in LAX…but getting to see this at the Rolling Roadshow event at the super historic Proud Bird back in 2010, was just glorious.

    I have wonderful memories associated with many other films of his, but these are my favorites. And aside from Hateful Eight which I saw 5 different times in multiple formats to study the way that the formats worked and looked on-screen (end result: 70mm was my favorite & really displayed the full power of the film in my opinion) I also think all his work should be seen theatrically.


    1. “Inglourious Basterds”
    2. “Pulp Fiction”
    3. “Kill Bill”
    4. “The Hateful Eight”
    5. “Death Proof”
    6. “Jackie Brown”
    7. “Django Unchained”
    8. “Reservoir Dogs”


    Now to add “Once Upon a Time…” to the list:

    1. “Inglourious Basterds”
    2. “Pulp Fiction”
    3. “Kill Bill”
    4. “The Hateful Eight”
    5. “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood”
    6 “Death Proof”
    7. “Jackie Brown”
    8. “Django Unchained”
    9. “Reservoir Dogs”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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