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    I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Quentin Tarantino is like the biggest feminist ever!
    (without like being a modern day feminist though.)
    He deserves major credit for like always portraying women as strong power independent bad-asses. Literally every single female character in his movies is as omnipotent if not more so than the male characters. Based on how much he’s scrutinized for the dialog used in his films
    (which is really an irrelevant and, based on my own opinions, is a hypocritical topic to critique. Like if people took a second to even consider the time the movies that get such criticism are set in I’d hope they’d realize how idiotic they sound. -but that’s a whole other topic to get into-),
    and like I could be totally wrong, but I feel like people automatically assume that he’s like sexist or whatever because of how his style is categorized for the general audience. There’s nothing wrong with that either, it’s totally understandable. Take The Hateful Eight for example: the female lead is a helpless prisoner and is basically a punching bag the entire movie, but that’s not who the women is, her treatment is a result of who she is, a dirty rotten no good *read in slow-mo* DIABOLICAL BITCH;). Though it’s not ostentatious, isolating Daisy Domergue from her weak and powerless plight, not only is she without a doubt equal to a man but by the end is revealed to be significantly dominate. Tarantino sets the example on how to be a feminist: he doesn’t throw it in your face, use unnecessary vulgarity, or even address any issues. He simply just doesn’t put a divide between man and woman. Tarantino portrays men and women with equal opportunity in the same disposition. The way I see feminism used today is just wrong, modern day feminism is not about equality, and isn’t like the main goal of feminism to be equal? I’ve only ever seen it used weapon. It seems to me like Quentin Tarantino is like the only one who knows what’s up and has it all figured out. Through the captivating stories he brings to life with his one of a kind genius style, QT has shown me, regardless if its honorable or disastrous, with enough perseverance and in some cases a whole lot a vengeance, there’s no limit to what someones capable of. I’m sure with a filmography like Tarantino’s, He’s not the first person you’d think as a role model, but there’s not a single public figure out there that gives me the never ending inspiration I find through Quentin Tarantino. Every day I find something new to educate and push me to follow my dreams.

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