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    On Netflix:

    HUSH (2016) – one of the best horror films of the year skipped theaters and went direct to Netflix. I’m bummed that I couldn’t see it with a crowd but the good news is that it plays great home alone in the dark and you can watch it TONIGHT. A super basic premise is played to the hilt in its fast-paced 81 minute runtime: a deaf / mute girl, living alone in a remote cabin, is terrorized by a killer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


    On Netflix:

    HOUSEBOUND (2014) – a very funny & well-made Kiwi horror comedy about a woman’s return to her childhood home under house arrest. It’s a ghost story / murder mystery / slapstick riot and one of my favorite international genre films of the last few years.


    Free on Vimeo:

    DEATHLY (2015) – a fast-moving horror short from local film collector & New Bev regular Mike Williamson, whose earlier short In the Wall played at one of our first All Night Horror Shows. DEATHLY has been touring festivals over the last year and it’s now available to stream for free online.


    On Netflix:

    THE HUSTLER (1961) – pregame for this week’s screenings of The Color of Money with Paul Newman’s first performance as Fast Eddie Felson in this cool pool hall classic.


    On Amazon Prime:

    THE RIFT (aka Endless Descent, 1990) – Already watched Deep Star Six and Leviathan a hundred times and need another underwater creature feature? Check out this one from Pieces / Slugs director Juan Piquer Simón.


    On Amazon Prime:

    BREAKDOWN (1997) – a white knuckle, edge of your seat thriller with Kurt Russell desperately searching for his wife who went missing after their vehicle broke down. JT Walsh plays a twisted trucker that may have kidnapped her.


    On Amazon Prime:

    TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE (1990) – the Halloween season is quickly approaching and there’s no better way to get in the mood than with this ghoulishly fun horror anthology filled with familiar faces.


    On Netflix:

    DEATHGASM (2015) – a goofy, fast-paced & extremely gory heavy metal horror comedy from New Zealand. This one wears its fandom on its sleeve and is completely contagious. Highly recommended for fans of early Peter Jackson.


    On Netflix:

    THE FRONTIER (2015) – friends of the New Beverly made a dusty western neo-noir that you should watch.


    On Netflix:

    THE DEVIL’S DOLLS (2016) – New Bev regular Padraig Reynolds made a fun little horror movie that’s newly streaming on Netflix.


    On Netflix:

    Anyone else watching the fun documentary series The Toys That Made Us?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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