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    I’m starting a thread specifically for expressing heartfelt admiration for this singular artist.


    You can retire or not retire, but you’ll always be the singular director of your era (and the list of great directors in your era is long indeed.)

    I myself have only heartfelt thanks, and it astounds me that you even have critics. (Ironic also that these critics, to a one, know significantly less about cinema than the one they are criticizing.) In the rare instances when my initial response to a film was negative, I have always been proven wrong. And your films are always worth multiple viewings.

    Notable also that the two screenplays that you didn’t direct are arguably the best films of those respective directors, and have developed cult followings in their own right. We can only really talk about Kubrick in relation to your work in American cinema, and by this I mean specifically: art films that put asses in seats. Bravo! There are few as worthy of immortality.

    Kill Bill, which I consider a perfect film, will probably always be my favorite, but I regard Landa and Shosanna in the cafe as potentially the greatest single dramatic scene in cinema. The opening of Reservoir Dogs should be mandatory in all screenwriting programs.

    I also love how your master plan for Dawn To Dusk is working. I come across it randomly, latenight, on cable, with no context, not infrequently. (Vision, y’all. Can postmodernism even contain his art? This is Borges level sh*t.)


    I am very pleased of your greatest feature films, including my favorite ‘The Hateful Eight’. Your only 35mm roadshow version of that feature, feels like you’re watching it in a auditorium room in 70mm. The screenplay was marvelous, since you’ve wrote ‘Django Unchained’, and using the unused tracks by Ennio Morricone from The Exorcist II and The Thing saves a lot for your composer friend. Speaking of music, I hope you find a perfect composer, for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, ever since you ask Ennio to write music for ‘The Hateful Eight’. Whoever you find, knows about the symphonic 60’s scores, I hope it works on working with another composer. And here’s to your last feature film, ‘Untitled Tarantino Star Trek Feature Film’. (clinks cups and sips soda)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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